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Vientiane to Bangkok

Today was the day Sascha and I parted ways. He was heading out on a bus to Udon Thani in Thailand to catch a flight south to the islands and I was catching a flight to Vientiene, the capitol city of Laos.

As it turns out, the combines buses and we were both on the same ride south. Once we arrived to Vientiene he continued on to his destination while I had a few hours to kill before my flight.

While walking down the central street, I again ran into some people from the slow boat “group”. We had lunch and they were off to catch the train to  Bangkok. I was glad I opted to fly because in a few hours I would be back in Bangkok.

The short 1 hr flight arrived around 7pm and was back to my fav hotel area by 8pm. It felt like coming back home as I knew the area and the sights and smells were familiar. I spent the night on Khosan Rd and other avenues that splinter off of the street.

I wanted to wake up early to do a final temple tour, so off to bed.