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Last Day in Chiang Mai

This morning I met up with a online friend, travel blogger Matthew of Expert Vagabond.  We chatted about our various travels and experiences. He was setting out that evening to do a Visa run to Laos.  I recommend checking out his site.  Lots of good info.

My day consisted of catching up with email, downloading some photos and preparing for my next move. I wanted to see some of Chiang Mai out side of the old city area so I ventured north into the crazy traffic zone. I forgot my GoPro camera but tried to show the absolute mayhem that I was experiencing.  I survived with out a scratch.

Later that evening I asked the hotel owner Sam to recommend a good restaurant for me.  He gave me directions to the Blue Diamond which was only around the corner. This was a funky place that I immediately recognized had a kind of “Sedona” flair to it. They had yoga and massage flyers hanging on the walls, oils and handmade trinkets and a coffee bar as well as organic fruits and veggies, gluten free breads and even Vegan treats.  This was the FIRST time in all of Thailand that I have found anything like this. So, after my organic tofu and avocado sandwich followed by a “big Chang”, of course I sampled these tasty treats.

Later that night I walked to the local 7-11 and noticed some distant lightening. Within minutes the storm was on top of us and was a big one.  Rain pored down in sheets, wind whipped the electric wires and I heard the distinct sound of electricity arcing to a nearby building…all above my head.  I was covered from the rain, but I doubt from a falling wire. Just then the power went out and so did the whole city.  Total darkness.  I made my way back to my hotel and the staff was on water patrol keeping the hallways clean.  They placed candles all over the place which turned the open air hotel into something that resembled one of the many temples I had been visiting. The power stayed off all night, but it was a nice break from the lights, noise and  busy busy stuff. No WiFi no lights, but who cares?

I did make a quick run out to the nightlife district East of the old city outside the moat as they did have power. At first I had no idea where I was going and thought the rock and roll barI found was about it. After being entertained by the Thai band playing Ozzy, Metallica and Guns N Roses covers, I went exploring. But….just around the corner the whole world opened up. Dozens, if not hundreds of bars streamed down the street. Bar and food place and massage parlor, it kept going and going. Let’s just say, it was very amusing.